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Friday, 14 January 2011

Slow Start


Its been a slow start to 2011 trying to recover from the Christmas lurgy but at last I'm feeling ok now! So having done very little at all thought I'd go public on my goals for 2011

After a poor end to 2010 through knee problems keen to get up & running again with both the personal & professional caving so hoping to get out with Alan-R, Kevin etal at least once a month in the first part of 2011 and just see how it goes!
I plan this year to do:
- at least one ultra
- one mountain marathon
- another "significant" event

I will aim to run, bike & walk at least 1500 miles over the course of the year & record progress on this blog.

Picture: out caving in Kingsdale with Becky last autumn

Outdoor Quals
I need to finish another NGB this year - ML & CIC are in the frame but will probably only get one of them done

Think thats probably enough & I'll most certainly regret going public!!!!!

Centre Life (http://www.blaithwaite.co.uk/

This week is the annual In2venture weekend at the Centre, always a really good time of fellowship & catching up with our Trustees, Directors & friends from across the wider organisation. This year Kay & I doing Saturday morning worship - which I still haven't finished preparing yet, so please forgive the slightly shortened post for this week.

Other Stuff

Ozone Imp III 09 Quattro KiteKay bought me a power kite for my birthday & I only got out to fly it yesterday for the first time (great afternoon with Rob Bianchi & Alan-R). Think I might get hooked, just need a board & a buggy - is this the activity for old gadgies like me??

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