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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Caving - Yordas Pot

With: Kev Marsh & David Tomlinson (On Placement at the Centre)

Weather: Dry & sunny with strong NE wind

I'm trying a spell of  "posting as it happens" at the moment.
So for a quick update - we have an almost full Centre this weekend (Main House; Barn; Stables & quite a few campers on the field). There's a real family feel to the Centre & everyone is enjoying what has now become a prolonged spell of dry & sunny weather.
We've had David here for about a week now & just to add some variety to his stay we took him caving today. Yordas was the driest I have ever seen it. We went in through the middle entrance (two short pitches in quick succession) before making it to the main waterfall pitch just ahead of a couple from Red Rose Caving Club who had come through from the top entrance. We rigged for a "pull through" and managed a dry descent. All over in not much more than an hour before retiring to Inglesport.
Quite busy back at the Centre & just about to nip out & pick up Paul & Adrian who have started the Hadrian's wall cycle route.
Few good pictures pre-cave below:

Yordas Wood, West Kingsdale

Kev & David

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