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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Canoeing In The Rain

We've just had a great weekend at the Centre hosting a family focussed outdoor activity weekend, fifteen parent-child pairs attended and all rotated between canoeing on Bassenthwaite Lake; Ghyll Scrambling in Stoneycroft Ghyll  and a selection of on-site activities (archery, fencing and pedal karts). Challenges were overcome; fears conquered & comfort zones extended - all went home smiling on Sunday afternoon!!

Considering we have the remnants of hurricane Katia hurtling towards us and the weekend weather forecast looked distinctly un-promising I guess we didn't fair too badly for weather, on Saturday I worked with the canoeing group on Bassenthwaite in the morning in dry and calm conditions, the afternoon Ghyll Scrambling saw a few showers and Stoneycroft at a very sporting level with the jumps & slides at their best - very enjoyable.

Sunday was a different story, I spent the morning canoeing again on Bassenthwaite, it poured down! Interestingly although the wind had now picked up significantly-  blowing up the lake from the Keswick end with "white horses" in the middle - the area around Peel Wyke (where we get on) was in a giant eddy that was effectively wind free and provided us with safe although very wet paddling conditions. A couple of hours on the water saw everybody soaked to the skin with just one swimmer and the weekend complete!

Canoeing In The Rain

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