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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Night Nav Practise - Mungrisdale Common

This is a post for the geeks - or maybe those preparing for a Mountain Leader assessment!!
The route below is a good test of micro navigation in the dark

Where: Mungrisdale Common, Lake District, Northern Fells
Weather: Tonight it was pouring with rain throughout

The Old Crown In Hesket Newmarket - a Good Meeting Place
and  One of My Favourite Haunts in the Northern Fells

Try this out on a dark wet night:

1. Park the car at 353344 adjacent to the little "link" road

2. Walk up the road to the ford at 349351. Its a good warm up counting paces

3. Locate the left hand (90 degree) corner of the large enclosure wall at 349353

4. Find the path junction at 343353, this one can be a bit difficult, the junction isn't all that easy to see even when you are very close to it.

5. On to the confluence of the two becks at 338349

6. Then locate the disused (run in) mine workings at 344345, be careful around here I don't know whether there are any mine shafts that it might be possible to fall into in the dark

7. Finally try to find the car again! 

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