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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Big Skies Cycling

Fading Light & A Big Cambridgeshire Sky

As inspirational as they are this post should in no way be confused with Team Sky or Mesrs Wiggins and Cavendish -as reported on several occasions I'm still learning to love the bike!

However, as Kay seems to have got off to as good a start as we could have hoped for with her latest round of treatment we took the opportunity to pay a short visit to our eldest daughter in Cambridge. Since its well over a year past that I last did any serious fell running my mind (if not my body) is beginning to entertain thoughts of trying to regain the levels of fitness that come with such activity - as such I took the bike with me. I actually quite enjoy the physical effort associated with improving fitness (its the dietary discipline which is more of a hardship!) & reckoned that the flat landscape of the Cambridge / Essex border was the kind of terrain the bike was designed for.

Each evening I took in a circuit of the, extremely pleasant, villages of the Duxford, Hinxton, Ickleton area. This environment is in sharp contrast to more usual Lake District haunts - as flat as can be and forever dominated by a seemingly huge sky. I enjoyed the experience immensely, the evenings were warm and as predicted the road bike quickly consumed the miles. The roads were quiet with regard to cars but quite well populated by other cyclists, I'll continue to take the bike with me when I visit in future & will aim to bring it more into use in Cumbria in coming weeks.

Apologies for the shortage of photos in this post but I had to keep stopping in order to use the camera - defeating the object of the training to a degree!!

Above: Ickleton Village Green 

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