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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Last Few Days

Apologies for the lack of regular posts just lately its been another of those very difficult passages of time. Kay hasn't been very well and is in the hospice at the moment, we are hoping & praying she'll be out in a few days when they get symptoms under control. Thanks to all for the huge support you have offered throughout this illness and especially of late.

Getting out & about and doing "stuff" in the outdoors seems almost trivial at the moment. However, it does have (for me at least) a real therapeutic benefit, its good to do the things that seem "normal" and to share those experiences with friends.

The recent persistent rain hasn't helped much with planned trips to the fells & caves having to be cancelled in favour of indoor activities and mine exploration. There are a couple of paragraphs & pictures below:

Indoor SRT / Ladder & Lifeline Training

Alan Rainford and myself spent an evening in the Barn at Blaithwaite House doing a bit of training on: rigging for SRT; SRT progression; SRT rescues and ladder & lifeline rescues.

Mine Exploration

We've visited Nenthead twice both on particularly wet days, Alan, Paul Rich & myself did a "tour" of Smallcleugh followed by a pull-through to exit via Prouds Sump and Rampgill level.

A visit to Nentsberry Haggs was a first for all of us (again Alan, Paul & myself)

The weather was foul - we made just an initial trip into the mine via the portal on the Nenthead to Alston road. Folk must have worked pretty hard to clear a way through not long after the entrance.

We spent about 2 hours underground: the water was deep (chest level in places); cold and the mine looked pretty fragile in one or two places (several collapses in the shale). Our next visit will likely be from the Brownley Hills end.

Portal - I did say it was wet

Bunkhouses looking good

Apologies for the camera shake it was freezing (and deeper in parts)

The Distant Alluring Light


  1. Wow, I like caving, but that looks pretty extreme!! I dont like being in water underground

  2. Hello running4him - good to hear from you again. Hope you arte doing well.
    These old lead mines are quite local to us & we get underground there regularly.
    The second of the two visits to Nentsberry Haggs mine was a first for us, it was an interesting environment with plenty of deep water & one or two fairly "delicate" areas. Mal