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Thursday, 20 December 2012

It's Coming On Christmas

It's Coming On Christmas, River - Joni Mitchel, (Click on link to listen)

I like this Christmas song.  Those who know us will not be surprised to hear that Kay has been playing all her Christmas stuff since well before the end of November, as for me Christmas thinking literally only got under way about 48 hours ago & I've still not decided whether this will be this year's Christmas blog post or whether there might be another one.

We got out caving again on Tuesday - Aquamole revisited - Ferg rigged the second pitch & called me down the rope a little early which resulted in me hanging around under a shower of water for several minutes, it was freezing! We've had quite a run of underground visits lately which have been really good but I have to say that after three weeks away I'm longing to get out in the mountains again for something like this (if anyone can identify the summit please leave a comment, if you are right - well done!): 

Unfortunately the weather forecast isn't especially inspiring between now & Christmas  lots of wind, rain and low cloud so I might be having to look again between Christmas & New Year.

So, if I don't get out again in 2012 this will be the Christmas post but if I do, watch this space ......

Today I've spent a little time reflecting on some of this year's pre-Christmas events, happenings & encounters, good friends Alan Rainford & Jon Price have each written some Christmas thoughts which above all else evoke challenging & "real" thinking about the events of Christmas today & 2000 years ago.

Kay has been particularly inspired by the telling of the Christmas story through five nativity icons on the rejesus website, it really is very good and worth a read.

As much as anything, though, we have spent time catching up with folk on the run in to Christmas this year and the warmth of friendship & fellowship has spoke volumes to us through: an afternoon with Rob & Margaret Bianchi of Outdoor Development Ministries ; a visit from Nick & Sue Pengelly from Wrexham Community Church  and  Christmas Meals with St Elisabeth's, Harraby & In2venture

Tomorrow, the shortest day of the year, will probably be the last working day of 2012 and Saturday will start to see the arrival of family from across the length & breadth of the country as we gather once again to celebrate this special time. So as we look towards the light both symbolically and literally I'd like to thank you all for reading this year - as I said earlier there just maybe another post - but just in case I pray that you will know Peace & Joy this Christmas.



  1. The first Summit is Binsey facing ESE

    1. Sorry Martin that's not the one. Another guess is of course free of charge! I don,t think this an easy one

    2. Sorry Martin that's not the one. Another guess is of course free of charge! I don,t think this an easy one

  2. Well Mal, I suppose it's High Seat. But I didn't recognise it until I did a search on the trig point number... Dodds behind?

  3. Good one Bill spot on! Think Iill try a few more of these going forward. It was a great day done as a fell run on snow and hard frozen ground. Mind it needs to be up there as its normally a bog!