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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Solway Coast: Skinburness

So far its been a poor winter in the local fells, wet & mild has been the general pattern - I've hardly ventured out with half days climbing between the showers; mine exploration & some canoeing generally offering better options. The element of work that involves consultancy rather than outdoor instruction has also been extremely busy and stressful over these last few months.

The weekend just past, which I referred to in my last post, was a final gathering at Blaithwaite House of the staff and volunteers who comprise the charity In2venture. It was indeed a special occasion to catch up with good friends and colleagues from across the North of England. The Sunday morning of this weekend traditionally has seen a wander up one of the local fells, however, this year the plan was abandoned in favour of a coastal walk on the Solway.

Having lived in and around this area over the last eight years I've often alluded to how underrated this stretch of coastline is - it really doesn't get the attention it deserves with its beaches & dunes; views of the lakeland fells to the south; Dumfries & Galloway to the north all under the canopy of a big big sky - very impressive. I once saw an exhibition of art inspired by this coast in Priest's Mill coffee shop, Caldbeck. Unfortunately I didn't buy any of it which was a mistake as I've seen little which is as good since.

On Sunday we parked in Skinburness & walked out to Grune Point, I believe there is a worthwhile sea kayak trip up the coast to this area? There's lots of World War 2 artefacts still to be seen as a reminder of the role played by the RAF's coastal command in the area. The debris from recent Spring tides and Atlantic storms could be seen in some quite unbelievable places as we strolled around "the point" at low tide. Not much wildlife to be seen this time but I understand this can be of interest at times, maybe we were too big a group?

Thanks to Marion Blakeman for today's photography!

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