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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hidden Beauty?

Some reflections from Marion on our day on Helvellyn:

The outdoors, whether it is viewed as ‘creation’ or ‘evolution’ has much to offer and on those days out amongst the carpet of flora and flurry of fauna; rugged rocks and majestic mountains; gentle streams and gushing waterfalls, I find myself left with many pondering thoughts.

As I wander through, what is for me the ‘created’, I see many parallels with life’s journey and am thankful for the all-round vision of the ‘Creator’.

Our recent exploration up Helvellyn Ghyll was no exception.  As we made our way into this tree flanked and fern shrouded ravine, we found such beauty – a reminder for me that our Creator hasn’t hidden anything from us, but that an abundance of blessings are there for us if we just dare to take hold of His hand and tread the path.

The pathway through the ghyll was by no means an easy option for the day (particularly for those with short arm and leg span!).  Decisions and choices had to be made on which rocks were drier and safest; how to negotiate the slippery ones when there was no other option; which foliage was well rooted and stable; what was dead wood, and loose rocks … mere obstacles that could be removed; and what boulders could be lovingly held! These decisions were not always easy as the potentially paralysing fear of ‘what happens if …’ began to rise; a fear that could actually only be negated by making a move and testing the surrounding surfaces to see which would fulfil the purpose; moments to pause and breath were required to gain strength and move on.

In one particular section as I tested some rocks for a foothold, and realised the need to kick most of it away before I could find a firm foundation to put my weight on; and without hesitation move quickly a clump of ferns that were blocking my view of a handhold, I found myself thinking over the last few weeks and months.  A vision and purpose having opened up to us, our life’s journey of late has meant that we have had much to ‘test’ to know what changes needed to be made in life; what was to remain with us to make the road ahead firm and well rooted; and what would be a hindrance and distraction, to its accomplishment, and reaching the beauty of blessings that it could offer.

As we moved out onto the well-trodden ‘man made’ assent to the summit, although the views were big and beautiful in the afternoon sun, it felt as if something was lacking; the intimacy of the ghyll had impacted me more than I first realised. As much as the respite from the ‘challenges’ for a brief moment were welcome, there was a yearning to be close to the elements again.  And so the crags beckoned …


For me, this was another reminder of how in the ‘challenges’ of life, as I have dropped the hand of my friend Jesus, and let some distance come between us, life has lost something special; He has still been there but His awesome presence has been diluted by my decision to step aside and ‘go it alone’.  Thankfully His unconditional love has been even greater than the beckoning of the crags …




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