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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ray Mears: Open Canoes & Wilderness Journeys

One of the blogs I try to keep up to date with is Ray Mears' - I confess to being quite a fan  having been to one of his lectures in Darlington last year; owning most of his books & trying to keep an eye out for him on the very limited amount of time spent watching TV. Just a few days ago he posted on:

"Wabakimi Adventures" an article written about a Canadian canoe journey in Northern Ontario with Becky Mason (daughter of Bill). In my opinion its an excellent piece of writing, it begins:

"Canadian canoe journeys are always special; they have a unique ability to purge the spirit of the unwanted static that accumulates in our technological lives. I am not sure why, whether it is the simplicity of life as a canoeist, or the pristine quietude of the wilderness; perhaps it is the honest labour of muscles propelling you through the lakes and waterways. Whatever it is, the effect is to cleanse and rejuvenate the soul. So when I was asked if I could squeeze a late September reconnaissance expedition to Northwest Ontario into my schedule, I took a crowbar to the fixtures in my diary."

Says it all really!

You can link through to the full article here it really is well worth a read

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