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Friday, 8 May 2015

Drawn by Hope & Driven by Fear

The day after election day, its a strange morning to wake up to. 

I can't hide the fact that I seek to be part of an inclusive society that supports the poor and needy; the widow and the foreigner; one that has world class healthcare and public services; one that takes its place alongside our European neighbours rather than courting the concept of a stand alone nation. The ideology that a well supported and cared for elite will ultimately result in wealth trickling down through society resonates to me as the politics of division. 

A recent stand out comment suggested: "People are drawn by hope & driven by fear". 

Now I'm a Unionist rather than a Nationalist, however, I see the people of Scotland being drawn by the hope of what is perceived to be a better future in a progressive society with a clear vision to look forward to, whereas I'm sad to conclude, an English nation that has been driven by fear throughout this election campaign and for longer. The Financial Times lists key "fears" constantly referred to throughout the English campaign: "fear of Scottish nationalism; fear of Labour profligacy; fear of Ed Milliband; seven days to save the NHS" & I would add to the list the unmerited paranoia of "fear of the foreigner".

So this morning, I'd say well done Scotland - the only part of the UK to be drawn by hope & to vote for a bright, positive vision of the future.

Loch Torridon at Dawn

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