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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Enjoying the Outdoors

Its a blessing, a real privilege to be able to spend as much time as we do living and working in the outdoors across the North of England and further afield. Recently after a day with a group of students from the North East on Ullswater we decided that rather than head straight for home we'd spend a little more time enjoying the south end of the lake.

The sun had come out and the water was calm, a short paddle saw us cross from Glenridding to the far side of the lake. The highlight though was an exploration, upstream, of Goldrill Beck. Ullswater itself had a hustle & bustle about it with a truly diverse range of craft navigating its waters. Goldrill Beck, however, provided an instant and stark contrast: a small group of kayaks in its lower reaches were the only people we saw. The trees that lined the banks were like a net curtain, shutting out the rest of the world save for the bright light that filtered through their green canopy. The reflections were such that it was difficult to discern where the water began and the trees ended - it was our created planet at its finest. We stopped for a while at a shingle beach for a moment of reflection, it was difficult to imagine the proximity of civilisation. The float back down the beck was equally as compelling, a gem in the middle of a busy summer.

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