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Friday, 4 September 2015

A Moment in Time - Part 2 - Wrysgan August 2015

‘…There are moments in life that a camera cannot fully capture the beauty or power of a scene; cannot speak of what the naked eye has truly seen and experienced…’
Another of these occasions occurred whilst revisiting Wrysgan Slate Mine, one of our Bala Community Holiday activities. After an inaugural visit to this site in 2013, a time that was also a baptism of fire into the underground there was an air of readiness to enter and encounter.
Having previously conquered the various extremities of this mine and Cwmorthin, along with the hours spent in the more local mine at Nenthead, confidence was at a good level and even the 100ft drop traverse seemed less daunting; knowledge and experience was much greater, a hope and belief that what had been accomplished once could be completed again without the same anxiety!
However, what hadn’t been prepared for and was a million miles away from any consideration prior to entry was a very brief, but what seemed like a ‘forever’ moment of entering a section of the mine solo to recover some rope.
Already having walked this way with the group, the ‘on the spot’ offer to tread the same path again didn’t seem to invite or induce any real emotion, it seemed within range – this however was soon to change!
Within a few steps of ‘independence’ an overwhelming sense of trepidation set in and before the intended destination had been reached tears began to find themselves rolling down a dust laden face; a moment of vulnerability and inadequacy took hold,  that words, once again, could not truly describe!
If ever there was a need to be focused it was now, for the light of one small head torch to be used with intention and feet purposefully positioned to successfully complete the task in hand; a moment to hold onto the knowledge that, irrespective of the darkness that surrounded and the feelings this conjured, God had gone no-where – a moment to acknowledge His inescapable presence and care.
‘Where could I go that Your Spirit and presence wouldn’t be …
You even see me in the dark where Your hands lead and hold me’
(from Psalm139)

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