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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Everything Changes

The greatest day in history?

Its Easter Day 2016, over two thousand years since the empty tomb was discovered, the day everything changed forever. 

We began our lent journey back on Ash Wednesday, 10 February, it seems a long long time ago that we wrote:

"This year we don't intend to run a regular series of Lent posts on the blog and we are not planning to give up chocolate, alcohol, caffeine or anything else like that. We will, however, spend much time reflecting on those 40 days in the wilderness, what they did mean and what they could mean to us today. A theme of "Living Simply" is developing. Its our hope that some of our endeavours to "live simply" might make interesting or thought provoking reading, if so we'll post them here!"

Well its turned out to be far from simple and there have been no "follow up" posts on this subject. There's been no need to reflect on what 40 days in the wilderness might be like, its been a very real & gritty experience with much opportunity to live through: memories of dark times; deep hurt; deceit; lies and temptation - much like those 40 days described in Luke Chapter 4. There have been more lows than highs and many "after-shocks". 

There have been activities which have amplified the journey, mainly underground, with visits to Alum Pot, Nenthead Mines & a very physical days caving in the Peak District coming to mind.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel has been glowing brightly for some time now and although progress has felt painfully slow with many backward steps we are able to testify this Easter Day that:

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it"

Its Easter Day 2016 - our here & now - Everything Changes.

Happy Easter,

Mal & Marion


  1. Really love you guys! x x x Keep on keeping on - you are part of what makes the world rich and beautiful!

    1. Thanks Chris - you're a star! It's been a difficult few weeks but we are good & life is good. Very good! M&M