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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Coming Out of Rehab?

We've had very unsettled weather to the west of the pennines this week with some significant rainfall which washed out mid week caving plans. With Kay still on Grandparent duty down south & a busy Centre through half term week opportunities to do very much other than work have been few & far between.

However, encouragingly I was able to get out and run off road twice, so coming out of rehab?

27th October: Binsey

On my own; evening run in blustery overcast conditions.

Binsey, the northern outpost of the Lake District is only a few minutes away in the car & has been a regular short run venue in recent years. I parked in the layby off the A591 which is almost opposite the main track up the hill. The route was straight up the track; round the top of the disused quarry; dart under west craggs & on to the summit. The summit didn't offer any spectacular views, if anything the visibility north towards the Solway was better than a very "clagged in" Lake District to the south. I re-traced my steps back down covering the distance of just a little over 2 miles with 1,000' of ascent in a time close to my normal times on this route.

No reaction to the first ascent since the OCR nearly a monthe ago - very pleased with the come back!

Me on Binsey Summit

Binsey Summit Furniture With Skiddaw in Background

02 November:  Charlton Gill

On my own; foul conditions - torrential rain; 40mph winds; low visibility

Charlton Gill is a secluded part of the northern fells separating Brae Fell from Longlands & Lowthwaite Fells - if I'm totally honest I didn't set off to just run up the gill, I'd planned to take in Great Sca Fell & Lowthwaite / Longlands but after making progress that wasn't much above walking pace along the track from Greenhead & fording the knee deep gill I was already having doubts about getting high today. The route up the valley was very wet underfoot & although a little more sheltered the visibility deteriorated progressively as height increased. Despite full body covering the downpour had me soaked to the skin by the time I was ascending Great Sca Fell & I decdided that discretion was the better part of valour so turned round and headed back down.

I haven't measured the route but would estimate around a 4 mile run

So no great distances covered in the first week back in the fells but no adverse reaction, overall very pleased with progress. Hopefully better routes to cover in coming weeks.

Other Stuff 

 2 x 1 hour sessions on the bike
I'd have posted some photos but my phone got soaked in my pocket running up Charlton Gill - I did say it was wet!!

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