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Friday, 12 November 2010

A Good Week

Despite the efforts of continuing very mixed weather its been a good week. Above & below ground activity has happened with just a planned open canoe trip on the upper South Tyne being cancelled due to the weather.

10/11/10 Seathwaite Wad Mines

With: Alan-R; Graham; Kevin & Paul Rose

Weather: Bright starry night with snow on the surrounding Borrowdale summits

 We parked up at Seathwaite, walked through the farm & over the bridge before the brutal ascent up to the top mine entrance. I've not measured it but guess it must be 1,000-1,500' of near vertical ascent up very vague paths. Carrying rope; metalwork etc. for the trip it takes the the thick end of an hour to get up there.

Once at the top entrance the first two pitches had been left well rigged on eco bolts & with 10mm static rope, we all abseiled down before following the lower passage to the "Grand Pipe" at this point Graham traversed aound the hole out to daylight and left us for the remainder of the trip. I rigged the pitch for a pull through and the rest of us continued down (about 30m?). We needed to explore before pulling through & committing ourselves, after a while confident we had found the "window" we did proceed and found the head of a shorter 10-15m pitch the eco bolts had by now given way to more dubious anchors & the rest of the mine was full of "tat" we pulled through on the short pitch & then again on a much longer (30-35m) very wet pitch (it was rigged with a deviation but it didn't help much). The final pitch was rigged and being careful to avoid a shower of rocks on to the abseilers we all dropped down, under the squeeze and out along a wet level into the starry night.

Excellent evening!!

09/11/10 Ullock Pike - Run

With: On my own

Weather: Strong north easterly; squally wintery showers; snow lying above about 450m (knee deep in drifts)

Set off from the layby on the Orthwaite Road directly on to the fell & took route up from the Southerndale side. After the gate on the main track quickly gained height on to the ridge where the weather conditions became very interesting, a few meters towards Southerndale and the wind blasting out of the valley would literally knock me over; few meters towards Bassenthwaite Lake side and it was almost a flat calm! Continued up over the rockier final parts of the ascent through deepening snow - had to put on all the spare gear I was carrying for the full winter conditions before quickly reaching the Ullock Pike summit, Skiddaw was clagged in & the scene into Southerndale was very wintery. Tried to take some pictures but camera on my phone has packed in. Ran down to complete in about 1:45.

Will post distances / heights when I've measured them (& try to post a map if I can master the technology??)

No photos - camera broke!

Other Stuff

Spent two days fell walking (Northern Fells) with the school staying at the Centre for the week, Fist day we did Longlands & Lowthwaite in very windy, overcast conditions but at least it stayed dry. Second day we took two groups (a.m & pm) up Binsey in the most appalling conditions got soaked on each occassion!
A one hour session on the static bike rounded off a good week!

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  1. Hi Mal,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. We could see ropes on some of pitches when we went too, and looking up the pitch from the bottom level it seemed really wet! How much extra rope did you take?