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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Continuing Cold

We are supposed to be coming towards the end of a 10 day block away from the Centre but it hasn't worked out as planned. Last weekend Kay & I had planned a pre-Christmas "retreat" with the monks in north Northumberland but as the weather in that part of the North East was even more extreme than our own it just was never going to happen. So we headed home to Darlington only to be called back to Cumberland Infirmary for Kay to receive some unwelcome news from her consultant - this illness has been a hard road & it looks like those members of the medical profession will once again become a significant focus in our lives - they have, though, been magnificent throughout this terrible episode. We are heading off to London for the weekend to see the eldest two & our Grandchildren.

The weather has to be mentioned. At Blaithwaite we have had several inches of powder snow lying for 2 weeks now - we've certainly not seen this in our 5-6 years at the Centre. On Tuesday night the temperature recorded on the car in the courtyard was minus 14 degrees C, it was still minus 12 at 10 am the following morning. Its always a difficult balance in weather like this - I love the conditions it produces in the fells but the quieter Centre buildings & their surroundings become very difficult to manage, so am glad of the present temporary thaw - just a bit of respite before the weather can be enjoyed again!

Ironically, for me, time off work quite often means a bit less activity & the last few days have just seen continuing effort on the fell running front (ascent training) - summarised below. Caving has remained on the back burner so I've posted a few photos below from earlier in the year just to prove we do do some underground stuff! No walking since Steel Fell & Ullscarf.


Keswick - Skiddaw Memorial via Latrigg
On my own; snow & ice; clear blue skies

Darlington - urban!
On my own; deep snow; minus 2 degrees
First urban run for over 2 months. I'd vowed never to run on tarmac again but a covering of 9-12 inches of snow made running around town quite possible & even enjoyable with this new perspective. Did about 4-5 miles with some contrived hill work in West Park

Keswick - Jenkin Hill via Latrigg
On my own; snow & ice; zero degrees (it feels quite balmy)
The fells were in fantastic condition - you'll have to take my word for it because I forgot the camera! Was really pleased with this run: Spooney Green Lane; over the A66; up the first ascent on the Latrigg path accompanied by a red squirrel who I am sure was running with me! Gradient levelled out; past the plantation & up to the Skiddaw car park. Passing the memorial the gradient steepened significantly - the main climb up to my planned end point on Jenkin Hill is quite steep & continuous but well satisfied to have done it with no walking & no stops in 50 minutes. Will post details when I've looked at the GPS data.

Caving Photos

SRT rescue practise with Kev Marsh in Sell Gill Holes, Yorkshire Dales

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