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Friday, 1 February 2013

Competition Time - February

Here we go, the first competition of the year - I reckon this one is pretty easy. If you have some ideas post them as a comment & I'll give it a few days before posting the answer.

Name the summit, mountain & tarn:

Prize - the satisfaction of knowing you were right!!


  1. Dale Head, Esk Pike and Angle Tarn.
    2nd one took a bit of geeky research.
    I've too much time on my hands.

  2. Here is my stab:
    Dale head
    Great gable
    Red Tarn

  3. Some feeling with wainwright books has led me to reconsider great gable as great end. Still not sure about the tarn...

  4. Right, further geeking has led me to believe that it's Scales Tarn.

  5. I'm going for Dale Head, Esk Pike and Grisdale Tarn

  6. I'm going for Dale Head, Esk Pike and Grisdale Tarn

  7. Dale Head; Esk Pike & Sty Head Tarn
    Brendan R

  8. I'm going to guess Dale Head, Esk Pike and Scales Tarn...but this is an absolute guess!

  9. Sty Head Tarn instead of Scales Tarn after further investigation!