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Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Busy Week At The Office

To be honest I'm still trying to keep myself as busy as possible at the moment & the last few days have been a welcome busy spell with much time spent with family & friends (I'm fortunate to be able to spend my working life amongst good friends)


Across in Darlington today with the COAC In2venture guys.

Great to see John Pear back at Rock Antics in the evening!!


Tuesday didn't really go according to plan! The visit to Inglesport saw me pick up a new caving lamp but we had to retreat from High Birkwith in heavy snow for fear of getting the vehicles stuck. Nevertheless, a great opportunity for extended conversation with Paul Rich & Kevin rescued a couple of fell walkers who were lost in the blizzard.


Out in the Fells in the morning - what a privelige to be out on a day like this with my daughter!
Lunch was in the car before a drive back across to the North East again to meet & spend a couple of days with good friends Rob & Margaret Bianchi of Outdoor Develoment Ministries. I was to spend Wednesday evening; all day Thursday & Friday with Rob & Margaret. Great hospitality & company accompanied by much in depth discussion about Outdoor Ministry & life in general.


Rob & I spent a day on the Northumberland coast - its a special place.

Big skies; quiet beaches; stunning seascapes and lots of quality conversation.

I spent the evening back in Darlington at a COAC In2venture staff meeting again good fellowship, humour and lively debate on activity programming for the coming year.


On Friday we met up with Ian Kent for a day on Hedgehope Hill in the Cheviots. I don't often get across to this area but it was superb under a mantle of snow and bright skies. 

Similarly I don't often (never?) go out in the hills with a Methodist & Anglican minister at the same time - walking with a higher power(s)!!

It was a great day once again characterised by lots of discussion regarding outdoor ministry in an inspiring environment. There are one or two more photos from Friday below.
After getting back to Rob & Margaret's I took a long drive down to London for the weekend to spend some time with my middle daughter & her family, more time well spent.

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