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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Floating on Ullswater

Spring arrived, full bore, in Cumbria today! The car's thermometer reached the dizzy heights of double figures & we'd chosen to go for a paddle!!

I met up with  long time friend - Jane Cook - for the day and thinking back have realised that its the best part of 20 years that we've now known one another. Jane is now the Rev Jane - a fully fledged Methodist Minister & it was great to spend a day catching up.

We were pleased to be able to grab some of the road-side parking on Ullswater, roughly opposite Sandwick Bay. Hazy sun was breaking through; the fells were still bright with snow and the lake was flat calm. Whatever gentle breeze there was was in our faces as we set off in the direction of Glenridding. Jane was paddling a (quite shiny) Mad River Legend 15 whilst I went for my old Pyranha Prospector - this was the first open canoe I ever bought! It cost me £750 in 1996 & after a lifetime of abuse: paddling on Grade 3 white water; years' worth of multi-day camping trips & much neglect its still going strong - seventeen years, what an investment!

The only significant disturbance to the mirror-like surface of the water was caused by the passing Ullswater steamer ferrying Easter visitors around the lake. In fact, for the first hour or so we saw very few other craft on the water. This was made up for, however, by a much busier Glenridding area where it was good to see what looked like an open canoe overnight expedition from a local Outdoor Centre going by and a variety of hired vessels out enjoying the conditions. 

The journey back from Glenridding was assisted by the light breeze and there was a discernible warmth in the sun by mid-afternoon.

Our six mile journey ended back where we started after a leisurely three and a half hour paddle - it was good to be out today.

There are a few more photos on Flickr

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