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Thursday, 11 July 2013

High Pike - Last School Mountain Day (Summer 2013)

Incredibly after a frantic 12 weeks or so, today saw the last school mountain day of summer 2013!

Venue was High Pike in the Northern Fells & In2venture put a full staff team on for the day. So:

With: Marion Blakeman; Beccs Nemeth; Graham Simpson; Alan Rainford & Year 6 from St Catherines

Weather: The hot, dry. sunny spell continues

Where: High Pike, Lake District Northern Fells

It was already scorching with not a cloud in the sky when we set off from Calebreck at about half past ten. Up the mine track, it was only a few minutes  before the group of 17 pupils plus teaching staff began to string out along the path. It was set to be a long hot day!

Part way up, just before the largest of the spoil heaps from the old (copper?) mines is the closest thing I've seen to a surface "blue pool" - quite impressive.

Even at this early stage of the day one or two group members needed significant encouragement & support, it was a good thing that at this point in the season it had been possible to get plenty of staff out for the event.

We spent a little time exploring the old mine workings - which slowed the pace - before continuing, off the main path, on to the eastern flank of High Pike.

Lunch in the sun followed - a welcome break for hot & tired young people, before a final last climb on to High Pike summit. It was a joy to see a young girl who had struggled more than most on the climb to be the first to reach the top.There were a few "Wainwright Collectors" enjoying their lunch on the slate bench close to the trig point before continuing their journey to The Knott, predictably they soon moved on once the horde from the North East arrived! The views were quite limited as a haze dominated the distance.

Refreshed & rested we set off again just about due south leaving the "mound" of High Pike and dropping briefly to the Cumbrian Way, I spent a few moments recalling my last visit to this area at dawn on a deep frozen Easter Monday morning just a few months ago - what a change!

Skirting around to the east with Carrock Fell ahead we began our descent at the head of a collection of small gills, off any path we dropped down past confluence after confluence until the main gill became our "handrail" heading back out towards the road & waiting mini bus. The group faired better on the broken more interesting ground than they had done previously on the main paths (more interesting ground or descent versus ascent?). Once again it was a great encouragement to notice that the same young lady who had suffered earlier, yet made the summit first, was also the first back to the bus!

The photos below are of Team In2Venture:

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