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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!!

Preparations complete, our discoveries made, the only thing left to do was celebrate the birth of 'the man in the manger'.

It was for us to be a year to make a step of 'redefining' these celebrations and after a 'traditional' morning visit to church we took to the waters to undertake Christmas un-commercialised. 

The weatherman had for several days forecast a dry and bright Christmas Day for the North West of England, as such it was with a little disappointment we launched and took our initial paddle strokes under lead grey skies and in persistent drizzle; a chill start. What breeze there was blew into our faces, the conditions far from flat calm.

Forty five minutes saw us arrive at our island destination, recent rainfall had raised the level of the lake such that the landing was amongst the trees and there was no beach to walk across.

We quickly emptied essentials from the canoe; chose our spot; erected a tarp shelter and lit the fire. The place was deserted and as the wood smoke rose the conditions slowly improved to provide a cool winters day with patches of blue sky appearing above the trees.

A simple fire cooked the Christmas fayre feast of turkey burgers and veg, followed by mince pies & white sauce with coffee!

Lingering in the solitude the afternoon light gave way to dusk and darkness fell swiftly.

The boat was re-loaded lit only by the beams of our head torches. A silent calm had fallen over the lake and the paddle back to shore was magical. Distant lights; cool air; the sound of paddles and canoe gliding through the water described our world - Christmas re-defined.

This 're-defining' took an element of courage and boldness, and as we enter a 'New Year' we go with this same strength, looking forward to the new challenges that it brings, yet more discoveries to be made and the opportunity to make some more new definitions on life.

Our hope and prayer is that as journeys continue into 2015 it will be a year of purpose and blessing.

Mal & Marion

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