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Friday, 12 December 2014

Rough Waters!

A most appealing and inviting sight greeted us on Monday as we headed to spend a few hours on Ullswater as part of our ‘Advent Journey’; snow-capped mountains, clear blue sky and modest waters.

However, our day on the water was to be unaccomplished as personal circumstances became the challenge of the day!

On returning home we found that the waters still had a part to play in our day and had much to ‘say’.

Our thoughts were turned to the images that we have seen on many occasions over the last few months, where in the midst of ‘rough waters’ there still can be found a ‘peace and calm’.

For us this led to the account that we have read often of the man who set out, with some friends, to journey from one side of the lake to the other.  The storms came and the waters began to stir. Whilst his friends became anxious about the change in circumstances, he rested in peace and calm holding onto the words he had spoken that the opposing lake shore was their destination.

The baby we look to in the manager this Christmas became that man.

Storms come and storms go but in their rage we have found that as we look to and acknowledge the comforting, counselling words of the ‘manger man’ we can know that same peace and calm and that our ‘shore’ will undoubtedly be reached.

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