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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Exped Prep

Its been a bit frantic this morning with last minute prep for a four day open canoe expedition to NW Scotland. Alan Rainford & myself will be joined by a group of adults all keen to head north.

The gear seems to have condensed down well - the middle (blue) bag contains the stuff I'll wear on the water so the rest has gone easily into the large Ortlieb portage bag (red & black) to the right of the photo & the blue barrel (LHS). Other than that I'm taking paddles & poles; photography gear & portage wheels.

Without exhaustively listing everything the contents of the bag & barrel are roughly:

Portage Bag: 

Inside a 2nd dry bag: Goretex Bivi Bag;  Theramarest; sleeping bag; tarp; pegs & cord; boots & "dry"camping clothes; head torch; camp hygiene stuff

Blue Barrel:

First Aid / medical kit; repair kit; gas & stove; cooking utensils; three main meals (gone for Wayfarers this time); breakfasts; lunch; water purification system; a drop of malt (its impossible to go away with Mr Rainford without such an item!)

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