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Friday, 24 May 2013

The Outdoors

Across The Solway From Headend quarry

Spending time in the outdoors; enjoying outdoor activity; outdoor sports....... its a broad spectrum & I often spend time reflecting on "what is" outdoor activity?

For me its a continuum that starts somewhere around "just being" in the outdoors: sitting or walking on easy ground and just watching; listening; feeling; soaking in all that oozes out of our natural created environment. Its a continuum that progresses through journeying in that environment: on foot in the high fells often just wandering with a loose plan around the Lake District's higher places - the area around Esk Pike; Bowfell; The Scafells; Great Gable has always been special to me, as have the quiter Northern Fells. 

Equally that journey could be by canoe preferably these days on big open water (the sea, sea lochs, large lakes). I paddle less on white water now.

At the farther end of my continuum is a day underground - with a liking for a big vertical pot hole in the Yorkshire Dales. I love a visit to: Marble Steps; Rowten Pot; Hurnell Moss Pot to name just a few! This never fails to provide a different perspective - physical; other worldly; but a truly unique environment.

Within all of this is working with groups & the whole concept of introducing young people & adults to these activities through which we interact with our world in a different kind of way. I find this inspirational.

Below are a few photos from the last couple of weeks working with groups:

Thanks to Sara & Clare for some of the photography

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