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Monday, 13 May 2013

Las Alpujarras

Apologies for scarcity of posts just lately - have been away to Sierra Nevada

The journey in its entirety was a bit of an epic, I've told many of the tales to folk off-line and may return to report some of them here in the future. To be honest, the time spent travelling in the high mountains was physically not the most demanding but it was good to get above 8,500' - the highest ever for me on foot.

I stayed in Capileira & will make an unapologetic advert for Jose's Cafe - Bar El Tilo: Great spot Jose, thanks for your hospitality!! 

Lots to tell, lots to think about but for now here are a few photos (all taken with the HTC OneX camera phone - travelling light!):

Capileira - 1500m & looking towards the mountains

Catching up with my good friend San Miguel at El Tilo

My route towards Alto del Chorrillo

Ascent of Prada Llana

I'm going to be controversial & say that I am completely "cool" with signs & way-marked paths in the mountains - think they are preferable to the way we litter the fells with often meaningless cairns

These trees were everywhere - really liked them, they are a pine of some sort but not sure what?

More from Capileira

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